Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 3:23 PM

Player Auction to be held 10th March 2017. 6:30pm at The Vines Resort. 

Groups listed below: 
Bids starting at $200, anyone wishing to place a bid please contact Jenny 
041 7171 370 or jmcbride@swandistrictsfc.com



Group 1 

Dave Ellard          Returning to Swans for the first time since the 2007 colts grand final. 
                               In great nick and there’s no doubt he’ll have immediate impact on field.

Matt Rogers         Has had a very strong pre-season and with more supply will be a force 
                               this season. Warm up form has been excellent.

Levi Ridley           Fresh off a year off and displaying all the traits that saw him play senior 
                               footy in 2015.

Ben Holman         Hard as a cats head and has progressed nicely after having a taste of
                               senior footy last year.

John Armstrong –  Developing tall forward whose movement is extremely strong for his size. 
Maeva Walker      Elite athlete from the Pilbara graduating from the colts. Lots to offer.
Tyler Ipsen-            Has had an enormous pre-season and if his training form translates into 
                               on field performance then he’ll have a great year.

 Group 2

Tallan Ames       The captain has come up with a strong program to keep him on field.
                             If the plan  works, he’ll still be the premier tall defender in the competition. 

Todd Banfield     the last 6 weeks of 2016 saw him hit a rich vein of form and his training has 
                              been first rate. In for a big season. 

Warrick Wilson   The most elite of left feet underpins his game. If we can get the ball in his 
                              hands enough, he’ll always be a real weapon.  

Justin Shand      Really coming on in the ruck and developing his game around the ground.
                             Very excited about his future. 

Chad Daniels      Fitter than ever after coming off a cage fighting training program. 
                              Already played senior footy and a lot more is in store if he keeps improving.

Dave McKay        Will be back off a knee in 8 weeks. 
                              Former reserves F and B winner so always finds the footy.

Giles Dent           Big strong mid/forward out of GGS. 
                              Had a very strong end to the colts season last year.

 Group 3

Ryan Crowley   Great player. Outstanding leader. 
                            Sure to add a heap to the Black Ducks this year.

Ricky Cary        Sure to regain the form of 2014 with some quality supply. 
                            Highly talented and can go back if required.

Jesse Manton   Freak power athlete who last played in the 2014 elimination final. 
                            Returning from Sydney and will impact at senior level.

Troy Yukich       Big lad who led our ruck all year and did a wonderful job. 
                            Sure to come on again and develop nicely.

Jason Daniels   Will be back round 7 after an ACL. 
                            His hardness and attack on the footy is close to club best.

Harry Ellis         Craig Callaghan got him to us and he’s a ripper. 
                            Will kick bags in the reserves and put his hand up for senior footy quickly.

Group 4 

Tony Notte           One of our most important players from CHB. Versatile former 
                               Swan medallist who hopefully will be able to play with more freedom this year.

Taryce Stewart    Took a state defender to the cleaners late last year and had 6 shots on goal. 
                               Fitter and ready to have a breakout season.

Rod Manton         Rocket Rod returns with his brother and adds valuable energy to the side. 
                               Has senior finals experience so he can play at the level!

Steven Wityk        Angular CHB with great hands and his run from defence is a genuine weapon. 
                               Can go forward with effect also.

Jacob Ness          Kid from the ammo colts who played senior footy and held his own. 
                               Looking forward to watching him progress this season.

Josh Power          Has great ball winning ability and as the name suggests, 
                               has really good strength around the footy.

Mitch Price           Ran second in the colts F and B last year and as a strapping lad, 
                               is sure to play a part this year and into the future.

Greg Humphries – Elite runner. Great skills. Should play state 18’s and put his 
                               hand up for a senior call up.

Group 5

Matt Riggio               Reining back to back Swan Medallist! Should be even better with 
                                   Crowley, Ellard and Ellis for added ball winning support.
Jesse Turner            4th in last year’s F and B and still just a kid. 
                                    Look for further improvement this year.

BraydenSpackman –  Quality kid who has developed a strong body for the game.  
                                    A great contested catch for his size. 

Tom Smirk                Our Mr Fixit. Led our F and B until Rd 8 last year. 
                                    Very versatile and team orientated. 

Jackson Slater          Lightening quick. Kicks the ball a mile and love to run and carry. 
                                    Plenty of WAFL games under the belt also. 

Josh Cipro                 Had a taste in the last round last year and is way more advanced 
                                    physically this season. 
                                    Powerful kid with plenty to offer. 

Dillan Jones              Ran 8th on Fox’s program “The Recruit”. You won’t miss him with 
                                    Mark Zannotti style hair! Little bloke who is hard and can play.

Bradley Fullgrabe     Developing defender with real power and strength. 
                                   Coming on really nicely and as  his confidence grows, he’ll be a force.

 Group 6

Xavier Ellis         Elite decision maker. Elite left foot. 
                             All time most marks in a AFL GF so he tells me! 

Brayden Noble   Extremely excited about this kid out of Trinity Aquinas. 
                             Amazing hands on the lead and a strong frame.

Braden Hackett – Our best gut runner. Hardest kid we’ve had come through for his size in years. 
                             Can play multiple roles too both midfield and forward. 

Brandon Erceg   Came in and held all year in the back half. 
                             Strong and courageous with a great overhead mark. 

Mitch McKenzie – Kalamunda kid with huge upside. Nice big body and very 
                             strong defensively. Another with a nice mark on him.

Josh Kirkup        Outstanding young talent. Just needs luck with injury! 
                             One of our best athletes and has played some good WAFL footy already.

Lochie Huntley   Livewire colt who’ll play state 18’s and then progress into senior 
                             ranks post carnival!

 Group 7

Adam Faulkner        Feisty little mid who always wins the footy and puts his head over it. 
                                   2nd in last years F and B in a stellar year under pressure.

Laurence Grescos   Body is strong now and we’d be very surprised if he doesn’t have a 
                                   high quality year off half back. 

Kirk Ugle                  State defender coming off a tough year. 
                                  Sure to bounce back strongly in 2017 and his synergy with 
                                   Bennell will be important.

Brendan O’Kane      Developing defender who is coming off a strong colts season last year.
Tristan Raynor         Big, athletic boy now who has high speed and will develop quickly. 
  Look for him running off half back at speed.

Grayden Wilson       GGS boy with huge potential. Will play state 18’s and then progress 
                                   into senior footy. 

Yestin Eades            Due to family commitments he has severed ties with Essendon and has 
                                   returned to Swans. Dynamic talent with elite speed

Group 8

Jamie Bennell           Off half back, he’s a very, very good player. 
                                    Took mark of the year last week in our first hit out to show 
                                    he has excitement and  quality in his play.

Jake Nuich                Mid sized ruck who has a big role to play this season through 
                                    the middle. Coming off illness, look for him to have a monster year.

Freddy Clutterbuck   Coming off an excellent pre season so will bounce back to his best, 
                                    high speed form of previous seasons.

Sachin Barr               Super high work-rate and already shown he can play senior footy
 with a 20 possession, 2 goal debut at reserves level. 
James Morgan          Strongly built midfielder coming off injury. Great user of the footy.
Sam Taylor                AIS academy and will play State 18’s early. 
                                    Not out of the question to play league in the back end of the year!

Group 9 

Corey Gault -       He’s a monster of a man now and looms as a gamechanger ahead of the footy! 
                            Great to have him back.

Jack Watson      High quality lock down defender with huge upside. 
                            Was in fantastic form before breaking a collarbone which ended his year.

Jacob Coniglio – His speed and ball carrying capacity will be of huge importance this season.
Ben Whitsed      2016 Reserves F and B winner who will develop into a genuine WAFL midfielder in time. 
Logan Hughes   Running half back with senior experience. Has improved his 
                            efficiency and is coming along really strongly.

Jake Anderson – Former Royal with huge ball winning capacity. When he tidies up 
                            his disposal he will  progress to WAFL footy quickly.

Tom Whittle       Key defender in the colts but can go forward too. We are very excited about him this year.

 Group 10

Alex Howard      A complete player now with experience at the level. 
                            His contested ability above his head is at a very high level.

Jarred Blight      Best I have seen him in many years! Needs to get some luck and 
                             he’ll be like a new recruit through the midfield.

Ethan Maguire   Has come on in leaps and bounds. 
                             One of our best ball winners and endurance athletes.

Toby Watson     One of the smartest kids to come through in a while. 
                             Needs a frame now to match the smarts and he’ll come on quickly!

Daniel Monaco   Elite outside runner with good skills! Never misses a beat in training and has given 
                             himself  every chance to play some good footy.

Jarred Cameron –Brother of Charlie and all the same traits! Same exciting approach to his 
footy and loves to tackle. 
Chris Yarran       Former AFL star has had some time off but has recently returned to 
                             Steel Blue. Yaz is a class act once fit.