Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 9:36 AM

Dear Members and Supporters,

'The West Australian' reported this morning 11/10/18 that the Council of Presidents voted unanimously to support the introduction of a 10th WAFL team into the WAFL from the West Coast Eagles. 

In what is a very contentious issue we want to make a few things very clear. At the meeting the WAFL CoP was asked to consider only three things as the details of any recruiting, points and top up players was still to be worked through and would be completed by the end of October. The three items we were asked to consider were:

1: Would we allow a WCE stand alone team into the WAFL?

Considering the enormous benefit our AFL clubs provide to football throughout WA and understanding the need for the WCE to develop their players within a strong competition unanimous conditional support was provided.

2: Would we accept the proposed financial model?

Again due to the significant funding generated by the AFL clubs into football in WA which is appreciated by all, this model was accepted with a review to occur at the conclusion of 2019 to ensure there has been a positive financial impact to the WAFL and WAFL clubs.

3: Would we accept commercialisation of the WCE team?

The Swan Districts Football Club has strong concerns over the long term effect on membership, and general support of WAFL clubs. Currently many WAFL supporters and their children support a WAFL club and an AFL club. To have a branded WCE team in the WAFL will no doubt affect the allegiances of the next generation of football followers which will have a negative impact on the traditional WAFL clubs. The Swan Districts Football Club does not accept that commercialisation of the WCE reserves team serves the purpose intended. A key element of a stand alone WCE team is to develop and nurture their players in a strong competition. Commercialisation does not add anything to this key area.

A vote was taken and the result was 8-1 so no unanimous decision was met.

Considering point 3 directly relates to the conditions supporting point 1 the point 1 is also not unanimous.

The position of the Swan Districts Football Club is that in consideration of the above conditions we do not support the introduction of the WCE as a 10th team in the WAFL.

Peter Hodyl
President and Director of Operations                                                                                                                                             
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