Bendigo Bank and Swan Districts Community Partnership

Monday, October 22, 2018 - 2:02 PM

This video moved every person in the room when it was played by Fran Berry, Director of the Mundaring branch of Bendigo Bank, at our recent Count Me In Legends Luncheon. It captures Swans Districts’ ethos and vision perfectly – community members supporting community businesses supporting community members – and why we’re thrilled to have formed a community partnership with Bendigo Bank, Mundaring.

If it touches you like it did the Swans staff and sponsors and motivates you to switch banks, please mention the club when you contact the Mundaring branch. Bendigo Mundaring has pledged to invest the profits generated from the normal banking activity of each new customer referred by Swan Districts back into the club. This will help us maintain our many community development projects and of course, your beloved Swan Districts’ League, Reserves and Colts men’s and women’s football teams!

Contact Gerry Toovey from Bendigo Bank on 0407 082 905 or 9295 0744 who will arrange a time to visit and discuss your banking needs (which can be at any Bendigo Bank). The Swan Districts referral code is 40100 or just mention the Swan Districts Football Club to Gerry.