Coaches Pre-Season Address

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 9:45 AM

Well pre season has kicked off!

The off season seemed like an eternity, watching the opposition go through the finals and seeing the enjoyment and jubilation of playing in September certainly will be a spur on for us in 2019.

We started back on the 19th of November with our usual time trial and testing night. We had about 70 invited down to pre-season this year, with about 40+ returning from 2018.

Aligning with our vision for our footy club, we had a lot of new faces down through our local clubs and country zone. Added to that, 18 young men coming up from our successful colts squad of 2018. if the early signs are anything to go by, these guys will make the transition to senior football well.

A real focus with the younger brigade has been on their strength and you can see the results of this off season program already with guys not only putting on a bit of size, but increasing their strength as well.

Some guys who have stood out early on the track in the way in which they have presented are Jesse Turner, Ethan Maguire, Jackson Beck and Corey Gault all running very well early on.

This Thursday (29th) there is a members draw on and all the boys will be up there to see who gets the winning ticket. Come down and enjoy the festivities! Hope to see you there.

Adam Pickering.