Notte, Hampson named to WAFL Team of the Year

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 7:55 PM by Chris Pike

IT might not have been the season Swan Districts was hoping for in 2019, but Tony Notte and George Hampson have been recognised by being named in the starting 18 of the WAFL Team of the Year.

The season might have had its challenges for Swan Districts overall with just the four wins the end result, but there were plenty of encouraging good signs with the players provided opportunities that they could build on moving forward.

Then there was both Tony Notte and George Hampson who produced tremendous season leading the black-and-whites from the front. Both have been recognised with spots in the WAFL Team of the Year with Notte locked in at centre half-back while Hampson takes his spot on a half-forward flank.

What a remarkable stalwart Notte continues to be for Swan Districts and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. 

He has now played 237 games for Swans including the last 161 of those consecutively having not missed a game since the final three of 2011. 

While most of his season was again as a terrific servant at centre half-back, was thrown around a little late in the piece by coach Adam Pickering to good effect. In the end was named to Team of the Round seven times with his career having plenty of life left as he approaches 250 games.

Without question Hampson didn’t join Swan Districts in 2019 with plans of finishing a season with a second straight wooden spoon having done so at East Fremantle in 2018. 

But he certainly couldn’t have done any more in his first season with Swans and would have to be favourite to claim the Swan Medal which would put him in remarkably rare company winning three fairest and best awards at three different clubs. 

Hampson worked hard all season in black-and-white for 23.6 possessions a game and 19 goals.

Behind Notte and Hampson with Team of the Round nominations for the season from Swan Districts were Warrick Wilson (three), Corey Gault (two), Alex Howard (two), Matt Riggio (two), Nathan Blakely (one), Steven Payne (one), Josh Cipro (one), Leigh Kohlmann (one), Jesse Glass-McCasker (one), Tristen Raynor (one) and Jesse Turner (one).

The Team of the Year has been selected based upon the WAFL Teams of the Week named after each round of the 2019 season so quite simply, the more weeks you were named throughout the season the better your chance of making the side.

While arguments could be made for different players under another selection criteria, the Team of the Year is based on those 20 Teams of the Round named throughout the season rewarding the players who have performed consistently throughout 2019.

Throughout the course of the season, 147 separate players were named to a Team of the Round on at least one occasion which meant in theory, 147 players were eligible to be named to the Team of the Year at the conclusion of the season.

With each team playing 18 games during the 2019 season, the player who was named to the Team of the Rounds the most was Subiaco's versatile big man Lachlan Delahunty. 

He was named 13 times out of 18 games and while for much of the first half of the season, his role was to play at centre half-forward and help out Tim Sutherland in the ruck. The second half of the season has seen him dominate in the ruck and he is deservedly the Sandover Medal favourite. 

He could have comfortably fit either in the ruck or centre half-forward but has been named to the latter position in the Team of the Year due to the fact there was another dominant ruck choice too for the side.

South Fremantle's Brock Higgins was superb in the ruck in his 16 games for the season and was named to Teams of the Round 10 times so he fittingly takes that spot in the Team of the Year.

Claremont's Kane Mitchell had a brilliant year too and he takes a spot on the wing having been named 11 times throughout the season. 

The other players to reach double-figure nominations were South Fremantle's Haiden Schloithe and Subiaco's Kyal Horsley, and the former takes his spot at half-forward and the latter in the centre position.

Three players were named nine times throughout the season and they were Perth's Michael Sinclair, Subiaco's Ben Sokol and West Perth's Andrew Strijk. Sinclair takes his spot in the back pocket while Sokol and Strijk are both in the forward pockets.

There were another three players named eight times during 2019 and they were Claremont's Jye Bolton and East Perth pair Rohan Kerr and Jackson Ramsay. The Tigers superstar was named ruck rover, Kerr to the wing and Ramsay to the half-back flank.

Another four players were named seven times and three of those were key defenders in Claremont's Anton Hamp, Subiaco's Jordan Lockyer and Swan Districts' Tony Notte so they all take spots in the defence. West Perth captain Aaron Black was the other and he was named rover.

All those 15 players who received at least seven nominations in Teams of the Round were automatic selections, but from there it required some judgement calls.

Of the players who were named six times, Claremont's Bailey Rogers was named to the half-back flank and his teammate Declan Mountford found a spot on the interchange. 

Perth's Clint Jones also was named to the bench while South Fremantle's Jacob Dragovich is an emergency and his teammate Chad Pearson was named to the interchange. 

Subiaco's Ryan Borchet is also an emergency while first year Swan Districts star George Hampson was rewarded with a spot at half-forward while West Perth's Shane Nelson was the fourth player on the interchange.

There were six players named to the Teams of the Round on five occasions but spots in the Team of the Year were running out. South Fremantle's Mason Shaw was named at full-forward given he was the best tall forward all season and Peel Thunder defender Tobe Watson was named an emergency.

But Claremont's Haydn Busher, Peel Thunder's Bailey Banfield, Subiaco's Greg Clark and Josh Rotham of the West Coast Eagles were the hard luck stories.

Given Subiaco's dominance once again this season, they had 17 players named at least once to a Team of the Round and of the 440 slots across the 20 rounds, their players were featured on 74 occasions. Then from there, they had five players named in the final 25.

South Fremantle finished second for a fourth successive season and the Bulldogs had 16 players named at least once for 66 total nominations. From that, five Bulldogs players were also acknowledged in the final 25.

Claremont finished third with 14 of the players named at least once and the Tigers making up 61 spots from the 440 throughout the season. Claremont finished with five players in the last 25 as well.

Subiaco, South Fremantle and Claremont made up the top three spots and are the last three teams left in the competition now heading into the preliminary final weekend. As a result, they have 15 players out of the final 25 given their players took up 201 of the 440 spots in the Teams of the Round.

West Perth finished fifth and had 16 players recognised at least once for 48 total nominations with the Falcons featuring three players in the Team of the Year.

Peel Thunder had 16 players recognised at least once for 37 in total with Tobe Watson their lone representative in the final 25 for his season down back that earned him a second year at the Fremantle Dockers.

Perth fell heartbreakingly short of playing finals for the first since 1997 and had 12 players named at least once in a Team of the Round for 34 in total. The Demons had two players reach the Team of the Year.

East Perth had two standout players through the season with Rohan Kerr and Jackson Ramsay making up 16 of their 34 total appearances in Teams of the Round. But the Royals did have 12 other players nominated along the way for 18 other slots.

Swan Districts might have claimed the wooden spoon but had two players in the Team of the Year from 13 players appearing at least once for 29 appearances in total.

East Fremantle didn’t quite feature a player in the final team but had 15 players appear at least once during the season for 31 total nominations. Blaine Boekhorst and Nick Kommer were named four times apiece.

The West Coast Eagles finished with 14 players named in the Team of the Round at least once for 26 appearances over 2019.

BACK: Michael Sinclair (P), Jordan Lockyer (S), Anton Hamp (C)
HALF-BACK: Jackson Ramsay (EP), Tony Notte (SD), Bailey Rogers (C) 
CENTRE: Kane Mitchell (C), Kyal Horsley (S), Rohan Kerr (EP)
HALF-FORWARD: Haiden Schloithe (SF), Lachlan Delahunty (S), George Hampson (SD)
FORWARD: Andrew Strijk (WP), Mason Shaw (SF), Ben Sokol (S)
RUCK: Brock Higgins (SF), Jye Bolton (C), Aaron Black (WP)
INTERCHANGE: Chad Pearson (SF), Clint Jones (P), Shane Nelson (WP), Declan Mountford (C) 
EMERGENCIES: Tobe Watson (PT), Jacob Dragovich (SF), Ryan Borchet (S)