V Swans Reach Program The Talk Of The Town

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 1:03 PM

The Swan Districts Football Club - successful V Swans Program is delighted to announced it has been granted significant funding from BHP to pilot a brand new program which will target female students at Hedland Senior High School. The V Swans REACH Program will support and engage female students, before, during and after school and help guide students to positively connect to the Hedland community. 

The program aims to; build resilience, empower female youth, ensure accountability, build strong connection to community and too positively live a healthy lifestyle. 

General Manager, Kara Antonio said the funding was a significant achievement and moment. 

‘We are extremely excited to launch our new V Swans REACH Program in Term 1, 2020 at Hedland Senior High School, where we look to have a positive impact on the lives of our young female students within our community’ Antonio said. 

'We currently deliver our V Swans Kicking Goals and Shooting Goals programs, who are also supported by BHP, at Hedland Senior High School and have done so for over the last decade, these programs have achieved amazing outcomes for our students, Hedland Senior High School and the wider Hedland community. With the addition of our new V Swans REACH program we will now be able to provide support to those female students that may be currently falling through the gaps with no direct support’. 

‘BHP have supported V Swans for over the last decade, and we are extremely fortunate to have their support as major partner for our new program’.

We would like to thank BHP along with a number of other local organisations who have supported our process on securing funding to launch our V Swans REACH Program in 2020.