New Appointed Board Members

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 9:22 AM

The new Swan Districts Football Club constitution reshapes the board from seven elected members to five elected and two appointed by the board. This amendment to the constitution reflects a more contemporary board structure helping ensure it’s both representative of its members and appropriately skilled and experienced to govern the club. This change provides flexibility for the board in relation to diversity, skills and experiences so it can better align with the club’s business strategy.

In October this year, the terms of three board members expired. These were Sarah Curnow, Andy Holmes and Paul Rosair.

The board created a Nominations Committee to prepare a skills matrix of continuing Board members to assist identifying any gaps in diversity, skills and experiences. The committee identified legal, commercial sponsorship, media and information technology. There was also a need to increase gender, cultural and age diversity on the board to reflect the club’s new strategic direction including its purpose, vision and values.

Andy Holmes was elected at the 2019 election for a three year term by club members. The Nominations Committee then recommended Sarah Curnow and Roanna Edwards be considered by the board as appointed members on three year terms. The board endorsed the recommendation at its November meeting.

Sarah Curnow has been on the club’s board since 2015 and chair’s the Women’s Football Affairs Committee and is a member of the Governance and Culture Committee. She has over eight years professional legal experience specialising in the areas of corporate, commercial, mergers and acquisitions and energy and resources law.

Roanna Edwards is the Reconcilation Manager at Horizon Power. She’s an Aboriginal with a wealth of experience in media, marketing, communications and community development.

“We’re delighted to have both Sarah and Roanna assist us continue building community and developing people as well as helping us become a well-connected and community engaged club. The board has continually been improving its breadth and depth of skills and also its diversity to help us deliver the club’s strategic plan” says club President Peter Hodyl.