A Club Legend Turns 90

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 10:40 AM

Happy 90th birthday to one of the greatest Swansmen of all time, Mr Raymond “John” Cooper.

Over the years, there’s been so many great contributors to the history of our club, but none more so than our John! He started his time at the club with 122 games in Black and White, kicking four outstanding goals from defence. His 10 Sandover votes and third placed finish in the 1951 medal count was an incredible effort, made even more astounding after beating a near fatal bout of osteomyelitis as a teenager.

The disease left him with a famous swaying run and he was known for wearing odd sized boots, but his tenacity and big heart was even more distinctive.

He was treasurer for three years and then after returning from a stint in Kalgoorlie, he held roles as colts coach in 1966 which was the beginning of 40 continuous years of service to our great club. His time as president was his most famous, as he secured our most successful coach in John Todd. The early years were tough, but like he always does he backed his man, fended off the negative influences and oversaw the most successful on field era of Swan Districts Football Club.

John is a Life Member of SDFC and the WAFL, has receive an Order of Australia for his contribution to football, has been honoured with an Australian Sports and Commonweath Centary medals and was inducted into the SDFC and WA Hall of Fame. He even has his own grandstand on center wing!

Above all that, he is an icon and much loved fixture of the  Swans family, and  there is no better man to have walked the earth than Raymond John!

Happy Birthday Johnny!