Thank You To Our Members - From The Coach

Saturday, March 28, 2020 - 1:15 PM by Adam Pickering
Thank you for coming on board in 2020 and supporting the Swans.
As you are aware The WA Football Commission has confirmed that the commencement of the WAFL competition will be postponed until 31st May.

The decision was collectively agreed upon between the AFL and AFL State CEOs based on the part-time nature of these competitions and the financial implications for the State League clubs and State Leagues.

Our own playing and coaching group are adhering to the rules set out by the competition, but still completing their induvial programs for fitness, strength, mobility and technical skill. We have put ourselves in a good position to do this over the summer by trusting the playing group to complete player driven sessions basically from the start of November.

The group are obviously frustrated but realise that this is bigger than football.

What is happening now is not just affecting our footy club, our competition, our country but our world! It can be hard to grasp how this all happened and what is going to happen?

The one thing I do know, is that I am so proud to be involved with the Swan Districts Football Club. The values that our board, CEO and committees have implemented over the past few years are going to hold us in good stead of the coming months.

You have probably already seen the article on one of our own, Jamison Ugle, helping save a bashing victim with his mate from school Edward Booma Lyndon. These type of stories are ones that can lead the community through this time of uncertainty.

The community focus is exactly what is needed now, and it just shows how WE have been at the forefront of this through our strategic planning and all of our programs throughout the state.

I implore everyone to live our values through this time. Act with integrity, everyone matters, Raise the bar and We fly together. We will continue to lead the way in this area we will be stronger at the other end.

When the season does kick off again, you can bet that we will be ready to go as a football department. Everyone stay safe, healthy and look after each other.