Saturday 4th April 2020 - The Day It Was All Supposed To Begin

Saturday, April 4, 2020 - 1:48 PM by Matt Ogg

Today… 4th April… The day all WAFL players have been looking forward to all year. 

All the hard work on the track and in the gym over the past 6 months has led to this day – Round 1 of the 2020 Optus WAFL Premiership Season. 

Where nerves and excitement should be reigning amongst teammates, disappointment and uncertainty has taken its place. 

Where Swans members and supporters would normally be getting dressed in their black and white gear, ready to lose their voices in cheering for the team, today has now just become another day. 

Even the umpires were prepared to face the crowd, knowing that each of their calls were bound to cause some disagreement. 

But due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic… nothing.  

Changerooms are empty, supporters aren’t fighting for the best seats/spots around the ground, there isn’t a battle for car park spots.  

All is eerily quiet at Steel Blue Oval. 

Coach Adam Pickering says it’s a strange feeling knowing that today was the day his boys would usually be running out onto the field, ready to take on the 2019 reigning champions, Subiaco. 

‘The group are obviously frustrated but realise that this is bigger than football’ he said. 

‘When the season does kick off again, you can bet that we will be ready to go’.  

With the season expected to kick off from May 31st, we’ll continue to keep you updated through our website and Social Media platforms.