WEEK 7 - Conquer 7 Skills in 7 Weeks!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - 10:49 AM

Have your football abilities appraised by a Coach and League player each week with the new Swan Districts Footy Skills Challenge!

Conquer 7 skills in 7 weeks as Sam Fisher, Frank Anderson, Tony Notte, George Hampson, Jesse Turner and Nelson Waite run you through the correct techniques of basic but essential footy skills, including; Field Kicking, Goal Kicking, Ground Balls, Crumbing, Evasive Skill, Marking and Handballing.

With a new skill being uploaded every Tuesday throughout the challenge, it’s fun and easy to get involved, regardless of your skill level.

How do I start you ask? It’s simple!

  1. Watch the vision of the skill being performed by one of our League players,
  2. Practice the skill at home or at the park,
  3. When you’re ready, replicate the skill shown in the vision and video yourself performing it,
  4. Record a brief message sharing how you have lived one of our Swan Districts Values over the last 2 weeks, which are;
    • We Act with Integrity,
    • Everyone Matters,
    • Raise the Bar, and
    • We Fly Together

                Hint: You can see examples of these at the end of each of our player’s videos, and

  1. Send your video to us at admin@swandistrictsfc.com. Remember to include your full name and postal address in your email.

Once we have received your video, it will be assessed by one of our coaches and players.

If they judge that you have completed the skill well, you will receive a personalised certificate, signed by League Coach, Adam Pickering.

With a new certificate given out for each skill you accomplish, make sure you complete all seven.

To watch the skill, go to our YouTube channel at 

 or visit the Swan Districts Facebook page for the link.

Get training!