Swans Community – Giving Back To The Students Of Perth

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 11:17 AM by Matt Ogg

Amidst the uncertainty that is Coronavirus, the Swan Districts Football Club continue to make a difference throughout the community. Although many programs have temporarily had to be put on hold, the SDFC Community team are still hard at work, bringing purpose and direction to many young people around Perth. One of the ways they continue to pioneer their efforts in the community is through their leadership and mentor program. The key aims of this program is to: 

  1. Engage and connect with students,  
  2. Build their sense of wellbeing and confidence, 
  3. Encourage a ‘have a go’ attitude,  
  4. Give back by linking with community groups and events creating a sense of belonging, 
  5. Explore and support future employment pathways, and   
  6. Provide leadership and mentorship (while helping them to learn and develop those skills personally). 

The leadership and mentor program uses a vast array of techniques and activities to help students develop new skills and cultivate their talents. They are taught basic essentials while learning the positive benefits of teamwork and physical activity. To date, some of the ways the SDFC Community team have assisted students to engage within their local community include: 

  • Running and supporting footy clinics at local Schools,  
  • Created the inaugural Hills Region Dockers Cup carnival, 
  • Cooked for NAIDOC and RAP launch events, 
  • Worked in teams to make billy carts, 
  • Assisted students to make camping equipment (to be used on an overnight camp), 
  • Provided casual employment at Swan Districts home games,
  • Hosted students at Steel Blue Oval for tours of club facilities, 
  • Assisted in teaching literacy skills for students to write overviews of weekly activities,  
  • Participate in a fashion parade (to be held at Midland Gate Shopping Centre post Covid-19), and much more. 

Some of the students were also given the opportunity to join some of the girls from our Pilbara hubs in Jigalong and Karijini, at an annual V Swans Female Strength to Succeed Camp in 2019. 

As the Swan Districts Football Club continue to build community and develop people through our increasing efforts throughout WA, stayed tuned to our website for more stories on the ways we endeavour to always be bigger than just your local WAFL team, by Activating YOUR Community. 

Students making Swanny Billy Carts.

Participants from the Justice program playing in Nicky Winmar Cup.

EHSHS students at schools RAP launch with RISE Elders. Students cooked a meal for elders post ceremony.