Club Staff - Swan Districts FC

Admin Staff

Chief Executive Officer Jeff Dennis
Operations Manager Ross Leipold
Club Administration Officer Jenny McBride
Finance Manager Gerard Roelofs
Facilities Officer Jim Dougan
Reception/Administration Officer                          Jess Belladonna

Football Staff

GM of Football Operations Phil Smart
League Coach Adam Pickering
Reserves Coach David McKay
Colts Coach   Simon Bergin
Sports Scientist Ted Polglaze
Talent Manager Greg Harding
League Team Manager                                       David Cianciosi
Game Style and Development Coach                 Mitch Burgess


Community Staff

General Manager Community  Brooke Draper
Administration Manager/Regional Manager - Hedland  
Community Development Manager Shane Beros
Metro Youth Inclusion Officer Frank Anderson
Metro Aboriginal and Multicultural Inclusion Officer Luke Giblett
Kicking Goals Program Officer - Hedland Rob Gooden
Regional Manager - Newman Paul Pitchers
Regional Manger - Onslow Adam Conwell
Dev. Manager - Onslow Kaiden Matera
Early Years Liaison Officer - Onslow Merle Ashburton
Regional Manager - Roebourne Matt Lorne
Youth Centre Co-Ordinator - Onslow Bonnie Palermo
REACH Program Officer - Hedland Dana Bell
REACH Program Trainee - Hedland Verinia BinSaad
REACH Program Manager - Hedland/Acting VSwans Program Manager Cate Brewin
Metro Community Programs Trainee Hayley Cole
Active Education Development Officer - Newman Brittany Ebert
REACH Program Officer Tegan Fielding
Metro Community Programs Trainee Brianna Hyde
REACH Program Offier - Hedland Sarah Ramirez
School Based Trainee - Newman Lauren Taylor
Shooting Goals Officer - Hedland Renae Tucker
Youth Centre Co-ordinator - Onslow Britta Zubrowski