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Swans Senior Coach Signs New 2 Year Deal

Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 11:40 AM

Swan Districts Football Club is delighted to announce that Adam Pickering has signed a new two year contract as the club’s Senior Coach.

This decision provides stability in the club’s senior coaching ranks and is an integral part of the club’s work on a comprehensive five year men’s and women’s Football Operations Strategic Plan.

There were many unforeseen variables behind the men’s League team not reaching expectations in 2019. These included injuries to senior players and an unexpected high number of young players, who had played less than 20 games elevated to the League team due to circumstance. The club’s Board was confident that Adam met his obligation in the 2018 and 2019 seasons to continue to develop the its talent and culture.

“The club’s five year strategic plan 2018 – 2022, is already bearing fruit. We project that by the end of this financial year we’ll be in a cash positive position and debt free. This has been the result of redefining the club’s purpose, vision and strategic imperatives. It’s critical we remain focussed and disciplined and continue to deliver the outcomes of the strategic plan while also building cash reserves. But it does now put us in a position to start funding a more robust football strategy”, said club President Peter Hodyl.

“A part of the next stage of the club’s strategic plan is to create a deep and broad five year football operations plan (2020 – 2024) to deliver enduring success in all of our men’s and women’s grades. This will include a well-resourced talent identification and development strategy to assist us build a deep list of local talent. We won’t fall into the trap of buying instant success. This approach in the past has proven to be detrimental to the club’s future”.  

“We need a sustainable approach in our football operations that will provide enduring results. This takes time and stability with our senior coach is critical to this plan”.

“Adam has built a strong, young foundation and with increased support we’re confident we will quickly progress up the ladder”.

The club is also delighted to have quality, highly experienced people in its football operations including Football Operations Manager Phil Smart, Talent Manager Greg Harding and Swans appointed Guildford Grammar coaching staff Michael Broadbridge and Graeme Hadley. Past Swans coach Brian Dawson will also now be actively involved in a mentoring capacity.

Prior to joining Swans in November 2017, Pickering had been the Colts coach at East Perth FC. He had AFL playing experience at Carlton and Richmond, and played 111 senior WAFL games at East Perth. He has also been a Reserves and Assistant League Coach at Perth Football Club in 2012 and 2013 and an Assistant Coach for the WAFL State team in 2013.

Pickering signed for a further two year term commencing 1 November 2019 and is looking forward to continuing the rapid development of our local talent leading to long term success.                        

“I’m happy to have the trust of the club to play a role in helping deliver a long term football operations plan that will provide long lasting success. I’m excited about being involved in this new strategic approach to the club’s football operations.