Trew Blue talent picked up by West Coast at a steal

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 - 10:46 AM by Matthew Ogg

Zane Trew went into Wednesday night’s draft with a quiet confidence of being given the chance to begin his football dream on an AFL list.

Predicted to be selected between pick’s 20-30, and having spoken to most AFL clubs throughout the year, it was a shock to see the draft conclude without his name being called out.

After what could only have been a restless night with mixed emotions, he luckily only had to wait until Thursday morning to be swooped on by West Coast with pick #12 in the Rookie Draft, landing what is already being touted as the bargain of the 2020 draft.

Zane is a strong onballer with clean hands, excellent decision-making skills and is tough around the contest. He is also able to push forward and kick a goal when needed.

You’d be hard pressed to find an individual more dedicated in making a career out of football than Zane. Expect him to follow in the same footsteps as Eagles Brownlow Medallist, Matt Priddis, who also found himself starting his career on the Rookie list.

We caught up with Zane to ask him about the whirlwind that has been the last 48 hours.


Has it sunk in yet?

Yeah it’s getting there. I’ve had so many calls from players, coaches and staff from the club that it’s starting to feel real now.


Who were you watching the draft with?

On Wednesday night, I had my close mates, family and girlfriend over. There were about 30 people altogether.


What was the feeling like for you when the draft started, and they began reading out players names?

I was really excited at the start. To see mates like Denver (Grainger-Barras) and Logan (McDonald) get picked up was really cool. As it got closer to where I was predicted to be picked up, I started getting nervous.


You were predicted to be picked up around the 20-30 mark. What was it like for you as the picks moved into the 30’s, then the 40’s and 50’s, then clubs started to pass etc?

To be honest I felt devastated. I had been predicted to be picked up late in the first round or early into the second round. When I didn’t get selected that night, my family and friends were really supportive, telling me how proud they were and to not give up. I had faith that I would get picked up the next day in the Rookie Draft.


How did it feel when you saw West Coast select you with pick #12 in the Rookie Draft?

I actually felt inspired. I thought I’d be picked up in the top 30 and was shocked when I slipped through. I know how hard I work and am ready to get into it to show people why they shouldn’t have looked over me.


What have your family and friends said about it?

Most of them go for West Coast so they can’t believe I get to stay here and play for them.


Who were the first teammates or coaches to contact you?

Drew Petrie and Adam Simpson were the first coaches to call me. Nic (Naitanui), (Luke) Shuey and (Shannon) Hurn gave me a call too. I’ve also received lots of messages from the other boys.


You’ve been to the club already. What was that like?

I trained for a week at the club at the start of the year, so I was able to look around the facilities then. That was lucky because I wasn’t able to actually go into the club on Thursday, or have anyone come out to meet me, as I hadn’t had a Covid test yet.


Do you know when you officially start training with the club?

On Monday. It was supposed to be on Friday but I couldn’t because of the Covid test.


Is there anyone in particular that you are most excited to share the field with from the Eagles?

There isn’t any one person in particular, as I look up to them all. I did message Luke Shuey and asked him if we could go for a cup of coffee soon, as I would love to learn about what it takes to become the best at the highest level.


Have they given you your jersey number yet?

They have, but that will be revealed later.


Have you had that moment when you’ve seen someone wearing an Eagles jumper or other piece of merchandise and get that excited feeling that that is the club you now play for?

A little bit. It’s good to see people wearing it and it’s a weird feeling at the minute. A random guy even asked me for a photo, which was pretty cool. I’m not really one for the attention but being in Perth, and it being such a footy city, I’ll have to get used to people starting to recognise who I am.


You grew up following the Sydney Swans. For a bit of fun, let’s say you are playing them in Round 1. Adam Simpson gives you the magnet with your name on it and tells you to put it on the board to line up against whoever you want to. Who do you choose to line up against and why? Who do you avoid putting your magnet next to?

Hopefully my first game is against Denver as I’d love to line up on him and smash him (laughing). If it was against Sydney then I’d love to go against Luke Parker or Josh Kennedy. They’ve been the guys I’ve loved to watch and respected so much. There isn’t anyone I wouldn’t put my name next to as I would love to have a crack against any player.