Swans at Foodbank

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 11:31 AM

Swans volunteers were at Foodbank WA again this week for the final time in 2020, and were involved in packing hampers and what would seem like a lifetime supply of meat pies. Food that is close to its best before date, or for whatever reason is not suitable for sale, is donated to Foodbank by the major supermarkets, food manufacturers and producers.

Foodbank WA Partnerships Manager, Andrew Wilkinson told the Swans Volunteers that "according to the latest ACOSS Report, there are 300,000 West Australians, including 75000 children, who are living below the poverty line."  

Director, Matt Hewitson, who coordinates the days at Foodbank, said that "with 300,000 people in WA living below the poverty line, it is really important that we continue to do our bit for the community, and that no one is left behind, particularly in the lead up to Christmas."

Foodbank WA are looking for support from West Australian's this Christmas with their #UncancelChristmas Appeal which will help to put food on the table this Christmas.