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Closing The Gap

Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 11:34 AM

Closing The Gap campaign is a Government built movement that was incorporated and launched in 2007. The purpose of Closing The Gap is to eliminate the gap of life expectancy between Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people to non-Indigenous.

This year’s sticker has been designed by Karinda Farrant who is a Koori woman. Karinda is sister to SDFC League player and one of our brightest prospects in season 2021. Patrick has just taken on a role as Youth Engagement Officer in the Swans Community team.

Karinda speaks about her artwork.

"My name is Karinda Farrant. I am a proud Gundiitjmara, Mutti Mutti, Barkindji, Kamilaroi woman. It was an honour to be able to design this piece which represents Closing the Gap. The campaign is so important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The aim for closing the gap is to improve the life outcomes of our people and to live longer healthier lives!

This design represents the campaign. The circles on each side represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the circle in the middle representing where we want to be, all in the same circle of life expectancy. The symbols around the middle circle represent men and women coming together to close the gap. Each line shares the same design within them, we all deserve to be equal… we must continue to share and raise awareness of Closing the gap!

Thanking Swan Districts FC for allowing me to have this opportunity to design this years sticker."

Karinda Farrant, INA ART