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Swans Community Engagement Continues to Move Forward

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 3:21 PM

Swans continue to make inroads with its community outreach strategies helping deliver the club’s purpose to build community and develop people. 

This includes a wheelchair football team, an application to have Amateur football teams next season, including an All Ability team, and becoming a member of Basketball WA to run local basketball competitions. 

The club’s also working with potential funding partners to create new youth centres building on the success of the club’s Onslow Youth Centre. These hubs will ensure young people aren’t left behind or fall between the cracks. 

 Ian Westmore, the Swans Board member responsible for the community portfolio, is a strong advocate for the club’s community outreach strategy.

 “We’re showing that we continue to broaden our footprint and relevance in the community. Everyone at the club is driven by our values of inclusion, being the best you can be, and of course doing what’s right”, said Ian. 

 The committees in Ian's community portfolio have been the engine rooms behind the club’s programs, including the Swans Aboriginal advisory; disability, advocacy and inclusion; and youth advisory. 

 “We’ve been busy resetting the table since the departure of BHP. We remain focussed on delivering positive social impact and improving the lives of people in our communities”.

 “We recently welcomed the Street Doctor to Steel Blue Oval to provide services to those in need two days a week and we’re exploring the opportunity to expand this into a Swans Health Hub in the future”.

"Our vision is to provide quality and meaningful youth services that demonstrate how the club is committed to changing lives and kicking goals off the field as well".