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Swans Roebourne Term Wrap Up

Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 4:40 PM

…..And like that the end of another term is knocking at the door, would like to throw a big thank you out to the students they have taken on the challenges of term 2 in their stride and we have succeeded through it, weather its passing Learners test and receiving their learners permits, taking on weekly driver lessons and in few cases receiving their provisional driving Licence Congratulations to Mitchell and Latisha, this success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Red dirt Driving and their flexibility to work into the Program and the Early morning Karratha Runs thanks guys!

With the recent reconciliation week, we started the week with a special guest speaker lunch and a Staff vs students basketball game the score will be recorded in the history of time as an upset win to the Staff showing the power of teamwork vs well age, talent, good knees, hips and backs, speed and the list goes on, the finish the week we dusted off the shovel dug out the fire pit, to cook the damper on was a great week to reflect and learn from the past.  

Touch Rugby finished up the last game for the term today on our flash new field, yes with actual lines, this project has grown out an idea from a student and now is regular occurrence on the community stage, just goes to show there are learning opportunities every where and with the Big Picture approach we can achieve interest based learning in a Fun environment, from the Feedback received I’m proud to announce that Touch rugby will return bigger and better, re commencing on the first Thursday back of Term 3, rest up and we will see you all then.

Following Rugby we were honoured to attend one of the boys exhibitions where he presented his learning from the term in the form of a PowerPoint outlining his learning and his story followed by performing a song he had learnt on the guitar the song he performed was wide open spaces with Mr Mark on the bass, Ms Faridah on vocals and Rock legend Ambrose on Lead guitar. Great Performance all round team

To round out the morning a trip to the local radio station to Referee a heated debate of which is better Tiktok or Youtube, followed by the huge number of senior students engaged in leaving to learn and participating in TAFE course with multiple courses being held over multiple locations between Roebourne and Karratha, great effort team  

Looking forward to Next week and showing of the creative jersey designs in the Naidoc celebrations, the students have been working hard to create a jersey and the story behind the design, this planned to lead into a future project of taking the best 2 designs and turning them into wearable jerseys, which are designed by students made by students, worn by students all in our own Swans Elevate academy.

Swans signing off for the Term, Stay safe over the holidays.