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Committees - Swan Districts FC

The Club has a number of committees which are responsible for a particular area of activity.

As required by the Club's Constitution, each committee operates under a Board approved Terms of Reference.


The present Committees and Chairpersons are:

Women's Football Affairs - Jo Taylor (Chair), Jeff Dennis, Peter Hodyl, Phil Smart.

Finance and Risk Committee - Des Hardiman (Chair), Neville Bassett, Peter Hodyl, Gerard Roelofs and Jeff Dennis.

WAFL Football Affairs - Andrew Holmes (Chair), Peter Hodyl, Jeff Dennis, Phil Smart and Adam Pickering.

Governance Committee - Roanna Edwards (Chair), Sarah Reily, Peter, Hodyl, Jeff Dennis.

Operations Committee - Peter Hodyl (Chair), Jeff Dennis, Ross Leipold, Mitchell Eastman, Joely Bouckaert and Phil Smart.  

Marketing Committee - Roanna Edwards (Chair), Peter Hodyl, Jeff Dennis, Ross Leipold, Matt Hewitson, Joely Bouckaert, Mitchell Eastman.

Facilities Development Committee - Kylee Schoonens, Peter Snow and Peter Hodyl.

Youth Committee - Ian Westmore (Chair), Shane Beros, Hayley Cole, Mary Amosa, Rod Manton, Trish Bilborough, Matt Hewitson and Matt McCaughey.

Aboriginal Advisory Committee - Cheryl Thomas (Chair), Roanna Edwards, Jeff Dennis, Matt Hewitson, Amber Ugle-Hayward and Wanita Bartholomeusz.

Disability Advocacy Inclusion Committee - Eliza Outred (Chair), Maurice Embley, Kristina Stabback, Robyn Hansson, Toby Anscombe, Peter Reidy, Glen Otley, Matt Hewitson and Chris Roberton.

Hall of Fame Comittee - Jeff Dennis, Brian Dawson, Vic Jeffery, John Rowe, Rod Greene, Jim Watterston, Ross Fitzgerald and Brad Willey.

Heritage Committee - Des Hardiman (Chair), Jim Dougan, Matt Hewitson, Trevor Hoy, Alan Jelleff, Keith Michelson, Tony Myles, John Rowe and John Komorowski.

Community Development Committee - Ian Westmore (Chair), Brendan Lobo, Jeff Dennis, Matt Hewitson, Peter Hodyl, Natalie Barton-Leeson.