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The Swansmen are an incorporated coterie group of the Swan Districts Football Club whose members all share a strong common interest in the Club’s on field and off field success. Originally formed as the Swan’s Businessmen’s Association Inc.  in 1983, the group has evolved to less of a business and more of a social orientation - as Swansmen Inc. The membership  is diverse and ranges from retirees from all walks of life, to tradesmen, small business owners, company directors and even  young executives in early stages of a career.

The Objects of Swansmen Inc as set out in its Rules are: 

To promote the game of Australian Rules Football generally in the area of the Club and in particular to  preserve and advance the interests, welfare and stature of the Club;

  1. To raise funds by whatever means members think fit for the general purposes of the Club;
  2. To assist the Board of Directors or other committees of the Club;
  3. To assist in providing employment and business opportunities for players and members of the Club;
  4. To assist in providing an amenable social and business atmosphere for players and members of the Club;

Swansmen …helping to make a great Club greater

The Swansmen fundraising efforts have contributed over $2.3 million to the Club over the last 34 years


Current Committee 

President: Trevor Hoy 0405453042 president.swansmen@gmail.com
Vice President: Stephen Bakes 0477666775 steve@toplinefoods.com.au
Secretary: Jim Benson 0405713978 secretary.swansmen@gmail.com
Treasurer: Graeme Higgins 0419836763 treasurer.swansmen@gmail.com
Committee: Garry Ames 0414674436 ames@nw.com.au
  Neville Bassett 0402318846 njb@westarcapital.com.au
  Maurice Embley 0431663977 maurice.embley@hotmail.com
  Des Hardiman 0448792832 hardiman.des@bigpond.com
  Mark McNair 0404201802 sd29sd29@icloud.com
  Tim Outred 0403337996 timbo63@live.com.au

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