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2022 WAFL Player Auction Groups

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The Swan Districts Player Auction is a fun way for members and supporters to get an even closer involvement with the club in 2022.

By purchasing a player group, you’re in the running to receive a large cash dividend each week. The dividend remitted will depend on the total amount of monies in the pool at the end of the auction.

So take up the challenge and become a proud owner of one of our 10 player groups.

The Rules
This year there will be one Best On Ground selected in each of the Colts, Reserves and League teams every game. The best case would be if you have all three Best On Ground players in your group.

The formula for calculating the prize money is as follows – 60% of money raised at the auction will be paid back to purchasers as a cash dividend. 35% of the money will be allocated to the League prize pool, 15% to the Reserves pool and 10% to the Colts pool. The remaining 40% will go to the club to support its annual fundraising target.

The Player group you purchase is yours for the 2022 Swan Districts home and away games.

All dividends will be distributed at the end of the season.

The weekly Best on Ground in the League, Reserves and Colts team will be the player selected by the coaching staff from that grade. The leader board will be published weekly on club’s website.

Good luck in your bidding.

Joshua Cipro
Tarir Bayok
Jackson Beck
Mitchell Bain
Max Chipper
Tyreice Brown
Austin Jarvis
Michael Durack
Seth Hambley
Alex Somas
Izzak Bolton
Tom Smith

Aidan Clarke
Thomas Edwards
Will Collins
Jak Watson
Ayden Cartwright
Cooper Brown
Zac Johnston
Josh Middleton
Bailey Jenkin
Jack Welstead 
Ethan Rynski
Ruari Neeson

Brandon Erceg
Matthew Germs
Cian Ehlers
Warrick Wilson
Lawson Humphries
Jacob Buckland
Lewis Tester
Jack Lawson
Kaedon McPartlan
Jack Jago
Brayden Fawcett
Colin Skeen

Sam Fisher
Nathan Ireland
Elijah Hewitt
Bryce Watson
Noah Hannan
Kristian Caporn
Adam Justice
Dylan White
Josh Mcelwee
Jackson Maher 
Harrison Creighton
Nick Greenland
Trae Field

Chris Jones
Ryan Kemp
Benjamin Hewitt
Darcy Jones
Tristen Raynor
Tyler De Lacy
Jacob Neville
Mel Watson 
Liam Marshall
Tyson Roper
Brandon Cowie
Kynan Blondel
Liam Marriot

Tony Notte
Brayden Noble
Brodie Morris
Gregory Ottavino
Jack Cox
Antonio Dadaliaris
Noel Mancuveni
Luke Taylor
Angus Laurisson
Josh Horton
Thomas Cathcart
Lewis Zolnier-Owens

Jesse Palmer
Jehb O'Donohue
Ty Sears
Brenton Hilton
Eric Bashemule
Brent Parsons
Hudson Babich
James Sullivan
Joel Lallywise
Daniel Hirst
Tristen Burgess
Jack Retzlaff

Jarvis Pina 
Lachlan Riley
Brayden Spackman
Jacob Sideris
Ethan Kane
Jaxon White
Lachie Grey
Evan Smith
Luke Kelly 
Riley  Hardeman
Dustin Brown
Kade Syzska
Miles Walker

Jesse Turner
Tony Stephens
Jamison Ugle
Kane Hughes
Jaxon Saylor
Tristan Mcdonald
Ezekiel Bolton
Dane Rossen
Brayden Jones
Liam  Garcia
Adam Brock
Peter Woods
Steve Overton

Toby Watson
Sebastian Bright
Nelson Waite
Dylan Ralph
Darcey Rowe
Bohan Teakle
Denver Roberts
Owen Peet
Broden Fitzgerald
Leonard Blurton
Riley Marriot
Corey Screaigh