Coaches Blog 17th February

Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 10:55 AM

With a month to go until round 1, preparations are starting to ramp up nicely leading into the season.

The boys went through a really tough phase of training over the last month with our biggest week topping out at 37kms of work over our 4 sessions. Luckily, we have had some strange summer weather that has helped out and we’ve only had a couple of days where it’s been seriously hot. The only negative of our prep has been the loss of Clancy due to a training mishap.

As always, these ACL’s mostly occur off innocuous movements and this was certainly the case for Clanga. His surgery went well and he begins the road back to footy in 2018. If there’s a silver lining in all of this, he’ll be right to go at the start of next season.

Next week we’ll step out against Subiaco in our first hit-out of the year. We’ll play a pretty strong side I’d imagine as we try to put the boys together for the first time. With quite a few new faces stepping in, we need to build some continuity so that we can get some wins on the board and gain some early momentum. We start at 5pm on Saturday so make sure you come down and have a look at the boys play because it’s shaping as an exciting year.

After a long pre season we finally got the boys in jumpers for the first time last week and to get guys like Davey Ellard and Jamie Bennell and Gaulty back in the Black and White stripes really put a smile on our face! Even Crowls looks like a footballer again!!! The young blokes look good too with youngsters like Hackett, Maguire, Ridley, Cipro and Fullgrabe etc showing the visible signs of time in the gym.

So do your best to get down here next week. We have a jumper presentation upstairs after so stay for a feed and a beer after the game and meet the new recruits!