Roebourne Shooting Goals 2017 Highlights

Monday, August 7, 2017 - 9:54 AM

This year we welcomed the addition of a work based trainee in Roebourne.

Paige Alexander-Malek is studying a Certificate IV Sport and Recreation in the VSwans workplace at Roebourne District High School.

Paige has been a valuable addition to the VSwans family and her enthusiasm and empathy for our students has been a real positive in 2017.

Pictured below is Paige preparing a lesson and assisting students with tasks.








Our students are always excited for competition and were able to play several basketball games against local schools over the first semester. Basketball and football present a great platform for our students to learn about teamwork, respect and trust. Students also plan training sessions, organize equipment etc which ties into their Certificate 1 Sport and Recreation assessment.