Update Of The Club Re-Development

Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 9:53 AM

Dave Lanfear Consulting has been appointed by the Town of Bassendean to produce a robust Business Case aimed at justifying potential government investment of $10 – $20 million into football and community facilities at Bassendean Oval.

This is being jointly funded by Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (formerly the Dept of Sport and Recreation), the WA Football Commission and State Government, and comes after DSR first proposed it some 18 months ago. The Club’s CEO Jeff Dennis, is on a Special Control Group to oversee the Business Case project. This steering group comprises the principle stakeholders of the project including Town of Bassendean, WA Football Commission, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, and Swan Districts Football Club.

The Business Case is limited in scope to the renewal or redevelopment of the Club’s football facilities at Bassendean Oval. It does not include any residential development in the precinct. 

This now enables the Club’s project team to work in parallel on the previously announced commercial proposals.  These include investigating revenue generating facilities to support ongoing maintenance and operations of the facility such as a sports village, sports medical centre, AFL-standard gymnasium and childcare facilities with the intention of leasing these out to experienced operators. These feasibilities and business cases are being supported by team members from The Jaycees Community Foundation Inc and members of the Club’s Strategic Projects Committee.

Lanfear Consulting met with Club representatives in April and has indicated that there are three options they will consider:

  1. Do nothing (which they concede is not really an option given the condition of the existing facility).
  2. Refurbish the building and add improvements.
  3. Demolition and total rebuild.

Whatever the recommendation, it will be in full consultation and approval of the Club.

Since the recent meeting with Lanfear, the Club’s project team has sought advice from a leading hotel advisor on potential partners for the sports village concept as well as a leading surveying and town planning group who are keen to assist. Initial discussions have already taken place with a major developer of childcare facilities and an architect specialising in medical centres has provided preliminary floor plan designs.

Our Strategic Projects team has also been bolstered by the addition of the architect responsible for the Guildford Hotel restoration and an experienced project management consultant.

Following the delays as a result of LandCorp withdrawing from the Bassendean Activity Centre Redevelopment, the Club looks forward to concentrating on the re-development of the football and community facilities with the stakeholders mentioned, and will keep the members informed as progress is made.