Swans Appoints New Sport Scientist

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 - 1:39 PM

A core objective in the club’s new Football Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024 is to create a comprehensive, high performing strength and conditioning program including the senior men, women and talent programs.

International experienced Sports Scientist Ted Polglaze has been recruited to oversee all of the club’s football programs and help look at its player conditioning and injury prevention and rehabilitation programs through a different lens.

Polglaze has had a 30-year career as a Sport Scientist, working with athletes across a range of sports to achieve world-class performance. He has worked at four separate Institutes of Sport (WA, Tasmanian, NSW and Australian), making a direct contribution to successful Olympic and World Championship medal-winning campaigns in a diverse range of sports including rowing, cycling, canoeing, swimming, equestrian, sailing, baseball and athletics.

He has a keen interest in team sports and served as Sport Science Coordinator/Fitness Coach for the Australian Men’s Hockey team and the Australian Women’s Water Polo team at a time when both teams won World Cups and consecutive Olympic medals. Polglaze has also served as Sport Science Coordinator/Fitness for the Australian Men’s Lacrosse team.

With team sports as his passion, Polglaze recently completed a PhD at the University of Western Australia with world-renowned football expert Professor and past Swan Districts head coach, Brian Dawson. His research specifically focussed on how data obtained from player-tracking devices (GPS units) can be interpreted more correctly by taking account of the continual changes in speed and direction that characterise team sport activity. This ‘stop-start’ type movement is substantially more demanding than running at a steadier pace, and his research validated an approach to better assess the work rate of each player.

In addition to his qualifications and professional experience, Polglaze has intimate knowledge of the demands and challenges of being an elite athlete having competed at World Cup level as a member of the Australian Bobsleigh team for 7 years, which culminated in his participation in the 4-man event at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics.

Swan Districts Football Club has made significant gains over the past couple of years with its current five-year strategic plan 2018 - 2022. This has put it on a secure financial footing while also increasing its relevance and building a sustainable business model. This stronger off field performance has now put the club in a position to start rebuilding its men’s football program and build on its successful women’s program.

The club’s football strategic plan will provide sustainable and enduring success in all WAFL and WAFLW grades. It will reset the club’s football culture and brand and create a strong value proposition for coaches and players so Swans will become a destination club they want to join.

However, Board and management know that this must be achieved in a measured and accountable way. The key to a strong sporting club is a sustainable business model that remains profitable when the team underperforms. Boom and bust performances present a high risk and is a dangerous way to run a not for profit organisation. The Board remains committed to safeguarding the club’s future.