Early Childhood The Focus Of Renewed Partnership

Thursday, April 30, 2020 - 12:24 PM

The Wheatstone Project has extended its partnership agreement with Swan Districts Football Club, building on a decade of successful community outreach and renewing their commitment to working together to improve outcomes for Onslow children and families.

The expansion of the partnership between the Wheatstone Project and the club’s community and education arm “V Swans” has seen the commencement of a full time qualified Early Years Program Manager. Brooke Welsh started her position with V Swans on the 28 April 2020 to cater for increased community demand.

Senior Community Engagement Advisor Tiffany Winch-Buist said the local community identified a lack of early years support and education for pre-school aged children in Onslow.

“There has been a desire for parenting support programs with a focus on literacy and learning through play as well as opportunities for parents to connect, with isolation considered a major challenge," she said.

"We’re excited to continue our partnership with Swans with a new focus on early childhood to help address this.”

General Manager for Community, Brooke Draper said the Swan Districts Football Club has worked hard to grow and develop early years programs in Onslow since identifying the gap in 2015.

“Onslow has experienced a recent influx of young families and a mini-baby boom, which has seen demand for specialist early childhood programs and support sky rocket,” Brooke said.

“The increased focus of our partnership in the early years space will help ensure children are school ready, support parent-child connection, enhance and support parenting skills as well as build on fundamental movement skills, literacy and numeracy and physical activity through a range of different ways.” 

Chevron Australia has partnered with the Swan Districts Football Club for 10 years to implement their V Swans Active Education programs in Onslow including operating a youth and community center, after school sports, early years programs and fundamental movement skills classes at Onslow School.

 “With such a small population, activities such as team sports and playgroups aren’t available to local families,” Tiffany said.

“The V Swans team play a huge role in closing these gaps in youth engagement, outreach and also providing forums for parents of younger children to meet and build relationships in town.”

In 2019, the V Swans team were awarded the Best Pilbara Organisation and Most Outstanding Medium Organisation in the Pilbara Community Service Excellence Awards as well as Best Community Organisation at the Onslow Business Excellence Awards.