V Swans S2S 2019 Karijini/Jigalong Tour (part two)

Monday, November 25, 2019 - 10:03 AM

The drive from Jigalong to Karijini is a hot and dusty one stalled by road trains, cattle and the odd toilet stop.

We stopped in at Newman to replenish our food stocks and then pushed on to the magical outback destination of Karijini.

We set up our camp at Dales Gorge campground and then began exploring the spectacular gorges.

Our first gorge visited was the nearby Fortescue Falls. For those that hadn’t been to Karijini the experience was one to remember. After the hot walk to the gorge and down the cliff face the refreshing swim at the end of the hike was most welcomed.

The girls had really begun to bond well after hours spent travelling on the bus and a game of football together. Now it was time to relax, take in the sights and hang out with each other with no distractions of modern technology.

Onslow V Swans manager, Adam Conwell, is well renowned for his camp cooking and again was responsible for the lovely meals shared by all.

All the girls had to pitch in with the cleaning up, dishes and learnt the need of being neat, organised and responsible in outback camping (especially with such a large group).

Once everything was packed away the girls were presented a talk by dual Hockeyroos Olympic Gold Medalist- Kate Starr. Kate’s talk was based around leadership and all ears were tuned into Kate’s story and her key points she saw as being integral for strong leadership.

It was a great talk in such a unique setting conducive to sitting around and listening. Kate could have talked all night judging by the interest shown and the questions asked of her at the conclusion of the talk.

Following the talk it was time for sleep under the starry Pilbara sky with game two to be played in Tom Price the next day.

Many of the girls huddled up in a bundle of swags for sleep-safety in numbers I think. Others were a little more scattered around the campsite, obviously not frightened of the dingo and snake stories being thrown around.

Soon voices quietened and Karijini dreaming took over until the hot sun poked up over the ranges on day four…. (to be continued)