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BHP Parts Company With Swans

Monday, November 9, 2020 - 4:00 PM

The Swan Districts Football Club’s 14 year partnership with BHP will not be continued after the current agreement expires at the end of Term 4, 2020. BHP funded the club’s highly regarded award winning V Swans Active Education Programs including Kicking Goals, Shooting Goals and Shooting Hoops throughout the Pilbara, and also more recently its REACH program in South Hedland Senior High School. These school-based programs will no longer be delivered in the towns of Port Hedland and Newman.

The partnership between BHP and Swan Districts has successfully impacted the lives of young people across the Pilbara with a considerable focus on Newman and Port Hedland. The club’s programs achieved strong positive outcomes on school attendance and student community engagement through volunteering.

BHP a have provided Swan Districts Football Club with the following statement regarding the decision;

“BHP is very proud to have supported the club’s V Swans programs in the Pilbara and the strong outcomes for the Hedland and Newman communities. However, the company has recently reviewed its social investment strategies which highlighted a need to realign its local, state and national investments with its business strategy. After a considered review of BHP’s two current partnerships with Swan Districts Football Club’s V Swans Active Education and REACH programs, BHP has made the decision not to renew these partnerships in 2021.”

“The efforts and commitment of the club’s staff to deliver the partnership programs have generated many benefits for Pilbara students throughout the length of the partnership and all staff should be celebrated for their investment in the lives of students and the impact the programs have made.”

Swan Districts Chief Executive Jeff Dennis thanked staff and stakeholders of both programs for their tremendous support. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the investment and support of the Hedland Senior High School and Newman Senior High School for hosting our programs over the life of the partnership. We would also like to thank the many sporting associations, clubs and community organisations that have worked alongside our students to ensure success. Our staff have provided an unquestionable commitment to all program participants and stakeholders. They should be lauded as magnificent community builders and have left a tremendous legacy in the Pilbara.”

Swan Districts continues its partnership with Chevron servicing the Onslow community and will continue to look for new partners to ensure its footprint in the Pilbara remains strong.