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Jo Taylor Receives WAWFL Life Membership

Monday, September 20, 2021 - 10:01 AM

Joanne Taylor recently received Life Membership of the WA Women’s Football League. Jo, as she’s affetionately known around Swans, joins a rather small list of people presented this award over the organisation’s 25 year history.

Joanne has contributed to WA Women’s Football for over 10 years, mainly through her many active roles at Swans. These included Coaching, Women’s Football Manager, overseeing the club’s social media pages and Board member for the past 10 months. She’s also been on the WAWFL Board for the past three years including President for the past year.

Unfortunately, this recognition has come a little late because earlier this month the eight WAWFL member clubs agreed to dissolve the WAWFL Inc. The responsibility of managing the WAFL Women’s competition will now rest with the WA Football Commission. Similar to the WAFL, clubs will play in the competituion under license to the WAFC.