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Past Players & Officials Association


The Purpose of the Association is to promote and encourage the fraternization of past players and officials of the Swan Districts Football Club (Inc), hereinafter referred to as “the Club”.
The Objectives of the Association are to assist and encourage the game of Australian Rules Football in the district of the Club.
To raise funds to make grants of money or provide services or property to the Club at the discretion of the Management Committee for the promotion and advancement of the Club.
To raise funds to make grants, provide sponsorships or make donations at the discretion of the Committee of Management, to individual persons, groups or bodies who are directly associated with or connected to the Club.
To co-operate with other West Australian Football League Past Players and Officials Associations for the betterment of football within the West Australian Football League.
To participate in fraternizations with kindred associations.
The Association has 201 Members at present. Cost of membership for 2021 is currently $40.00. New members are always welcome. Membership of the Association is restricted to:
Past League players, reserves players, colts players, staff and Officials of the Club who have fulfilled one complete season.
Associate Members – being past members of other groups of the Club not qualified as above, volunteers and other persons at the discretion of the Management Committee. Associate members shall not be eligible to hold office in the Association or have voting powers until the completion of two consecutive years of membership.
If you fulfill the above eligibility criteria and wish to apply for membership contact a member of the Committee of Management or download your SDFC PPOA 2022 Membership Form.

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John Rowe
9279 3731/ 0411 019 150
Snr Vice President:
Norm Kirkup
9279 4170/ 0403 506 464
Jnr Vice President:
Tony Myles 0430 853 475
Hon. Secretary:
John Komorowski
9271 2130/ 0403 232 130
Hon. Treasurer:
Bruce Lauder
9272 3346/ 0400 027 823
Marcel Weggelaar
9296 7155/ 0409 083 657
  George Van der Meulen 9274 4378/ 0428 919 033
  Mark McNair 0404 201 802
  Ted Martin 9279 7701
  Greg Robinson 0438 939 096
  Keith Michaelson 9581 1083/ 0402 201 338
  Tim Outred 0430 337 996


The Association is also affiliated to the WAFL Combined Past Players and Officials Association Inc. All information relating to the WAFL Combined Association can be found by visiting their website at